Change Log

did you find any issue? please write feedback/suggestion @hyvikk Version 2.2.1 Bug Fixes: - We fixed a problem where reminders for preventive and breakdown checks were appearing twice for the same equipment. - We resolved the issue with generating QR codes during the installation process. Version 2.2.0 Enhancements: Hospital-Wise Filtering: We have added hospital-specific filters in various modules like equipment management, call entry, calibration, maintenance costs, reports, reminders and calibration stickers for improve organization and efficiency. Granular User Permissions: We've added a feature to assign specific permissions to users, providing more precise control over access and functions in the system. Permission Additions: We've expanded permissions to cover equipment reports and calibration stickers, allowing for more customized user access. QR Code Functionality: We have combined a QR code generation and scanning module to facilitate equipment tracking and management. Enhanced Input Validation: We have implemented strong validation to prevent the entry of special characters, ensuring data integrity and system stability. Mobile Number Limit: To make data entry consistent and improve user-friendliness we have set a maximum limit of 20 characters for mobile number. Improved File Management: We've improved the visibility of uploaded files in the edit view of call entries, making it easier for you to access relevant documents. Export Enhancements: We have included headers in the exported Excel and PDF files for reference and to increase readability. Bug Fixes: - We fixed an issue where the eye icon for the cost module was not working on another page. - We fixed date selection issue in equipment management when selecting mm-dd-yyyy format. - We have improved the maintenance cost receipt view to ensure accurate display of information. User Experience Improvements: - We have improved the messaging when trying to add an email address that has been removed from the system. Users will now receive clear instructions to contact a system administrator for assistance. - We have simplified the permission view for easy understanding and management. - We've enhanced user editing functionality to clearly differentiate between roles and user permissions. Settings Customization: We have introduced an option for users to customize the date format based on their preferences, which improves flexibility and user experience.

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